Water Animals Name

Water Animals Name With Pictures

The world underwater is somewhat different with unique flora and fauna. Most children as well as adults are fascinated by water animals. So in this article, we are going to discuss a few water animal names.

But before lunging onto the water animals name, we can’t wait to share some engaging fun facts about them. These animals are collectively called aquatic animals. They can be seen in different types of water bodies ranging from small ponds to huge oceans.

Don’t go anywhere as we are going to discuss every bit of information that we have about water animals. Let’s get started!

5 Fun Facts About Aquatic Animals

Aquatic animals may be found in freshwater or saltwater. They are facing constant complications such as overfishing, water pollution and climate change. This has become a major concern as they play a crucial role in generating food, energy and job opportunities.

Besides this basic information, there are some uncommon facts about aquatic animals that we have collected after hours of research.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

  • The world’s largest mammal is the blue whale which weighs 50 tons at birth. On growing up it becomes 96feet long and weighs about 150 tons which is equivalent to 4 dinosaurs.
  • Next, we are going to talk about shrimp. At the time of birth, every shrimp is a male which becomes a female after growing up.
  • Do you know that starfish have 8 eyes? No right? They have one eye at the end of each leg.
  • Have you ever seen an octopus? It has 3 hearts. Also, if an octopus gets angry it spills a ray of black “ink” at the target.
  • Jellyfish have survived a lifespan of more than 650 million years, leaving behind dinosaurs and sharks. Also, they show the property of bioluminescence.

Water Animals Name

After waiting for so long, it’s finally time to reveal the names of all the water animals that are commonly detected.

Let’s begin…

Water Animals ImagesWater Animals Name
Blue whaleBlue whale
Sea horseSea horse
Sea SnakeSea Snake
  • Dolphin- an intelligent marine animal that belongs to the whale family.
  • Shark- large aquatic predator with a cartilaginous skeleton.
  • Octopus- a sea creature with a soft body and eight arms.
  • Seahorse- a small marine creature that swims vertically.
  • Whales- The largest animal on earth.
  • Starfish- Sea creatures with a good regeneration capacity.
  • Shrimp- small aquatic crustaceans found in all the oceans in the world.
  • Crocodiles- reptiles covered with bony scales.
  • Sea turtles- are found in marine water and are known to have existed for hundreds of years.
  • Seals- carnivore marine creatures that mainly consume other water animals like fish and squids.

Besides these animals, there are different types of fish like angelfish, tuna, and a lot more. Also, there are various water-dwelling insects that form an important part of the aquatic ecosystem.


To end this article we will like to remind you that water animals are facing constant hazards which may be natural or anthropogenic. However, the good news here is that several measures are undertaken to save those unique water creatures.

Now you can easily state the names of several water animals and share some of the best fun facts with your friends. We are glad to help you know more about the aquatic family and its members.

So that’s it for today! Hope this article helps. Thank you for reading.

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