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Crawl Animals Name List with Image

Whether it’s your home or an animal park, you must have seen crawling animals so many times. Isn’t it? Do you know their names? Don’t worry if you do not know the names of those crawling creatures as we are here to provide you with a list of crawl animals names.

But before that, we will like to tell you that most of these animals belong to the class of Reptilia and have certain unique features that separate them from other classes. In the next section, we will discuss all the features along with the crawl animals name.

Let’s go!

More About Reptiles

Reptiles are the first class of vertebrates that have totally adjusted to terrestrial life. There are so many reptiles of different shapes and sizes that are present around us. We have prepared a list of crawl animals names for our curious readers.

But before discussing their names we will like to take you into the world of reptiles by talking about some of their features. These features will help you identify these animals easily and will help you grow a better understanding.

Here we go,

  • Starting with the first one which you already know, they usually use crawling as a mode of locomotion.
  • In fact, the word reptile has a Latin origin which means “one who creeps”.
  • They are divided into three orders namely Squamata(Lizards and Snakes), Chelonian(Tortoises and Turtles) and Crocodilian(Crocodiles and Alligators).
  • These crawling animals are cold-blooded.
  • They belong to the category of vertebrates
  • Their body is covered with scales which prevents the loss of water from their body.
  • The gametes are internally fertilized as these gametes cannot survive on land.
  • Generally, most of them are egg-laying, except a few give birth to young ones.
  • Eggs are covered by shells in order to prevent desiccation.
  • Lastly, around 200 million years ago, reptiles colonized the earth during the Jurassic period which was known as the “age of reptiles”

Crawl Animals Name List

Crawl Animals ImageCrawl Animals Name
Komodo DragonsKomodo Dragons
Sea SlugsSea Slugs

As of now, there are more than 6000 species of reptiles which include lizards, crocodiles, snakes, and many more. Pythons are the largest reptiles that can grow up to 10m.

Most of reptiles are carnivorous, except a few are herbivorous. Let us discuss the names of the animals which can crawl:

  1. Lizards- Terrestrial reptiles
  1. Snakes- Limbless reptiles
  1. Crocodiles- Huge Amphibian reptiles
  1. Alligators- Large Amphibian reptiles
  1. Tortoises- Aquatic or terrestrial reptiles
  1. Turtles- Aquatic or terrestrial reptiles

Besides these animals, other small creatures include ants, crabs, snails, spiders, and many more.


Coming to the end of this article, we hope we have answered all your queries. We have tried our best to provide all the information regarding crawling animals that you need to know besides their names.

So that’s it for today. We hope by the end of this article you can easily recognize those creeping creatures on the wall of your bedroom and can list the names of other crawling animals as well.

Hope you like this article! Thank you.

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