Pet Animals Name English & Hindi With Images

Animals are found almost everywhere. Be it a forest or a local place, they can be seen in almost every place. But have you seen animals at your home or your neighbor’s home? Do you know what these animals are called? Yes, they are called pet animals.

There are different types of pets that people keep, starting from dogs and cats to reptiles and rodents. Pets can be a great source of friendship, affection, and support, and they can provide us with valuable lessons about life. We have prepared a set of pet animal names which we shall talk about in the next section.

Without any delay let’s explore some pet animals and their features. Stay tuned!

Pet Animals Name

Pet Animals Name

Here we are with a list of the pet animals name that are commonly seen in most households. The list includes dogs, cats, fish, rabbits and birds etc. Reptiles can also be reared as pet animals if people are fascinated by creeping creatures such as Leopard geckos or Russian Tortoise.

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Let’s take a look at all the pet animals which we have mentioned below:

  • Dogs– They are one of the most distinguished pets for a reason. They offer companionship, devotion, and loyalty that is hard to find in other creatures. Also, they need a lot of training, which can be a great form of workout for their owners. However, they also require enormous time and effort to instruct and care for properly.
  • Cats– Cats are another prominent pet choice. They are self-sufficient, cheap to handle, and can make great companions. However, they are also known for being aloof and sometimes irritable.
  • Fish– They are a popular pet for those who want something low-maintenance. They can be easily taken care of and are absolutely soothing to the eyes. However, they do not offer the same company as other pets.
  • Rabbits– Rabbits are famous pets for many people because they require a diet of grass, pellets, veggies, water, and regular exercise. These are social creatures and can survive best with a mate as a companion. They are also relatively calm, making them nice pets for apartments or other small living areas.
  • Birds– These flying creatures are not often thought of as traditional pets, but more and more people are keeping them in their homes. Birds can make great pets for most families and are relatively low-maintenance. If you’re considering adding a feathered friend to your family, do your analysis wisely to find the right variety for you.


By the end of this article, you must have some basic idea about some pet animals and how they survive with human beings. Most importantly, if you have a pet at home, don’t forget to give your pet an ample amount of love and attention – they’ll return it tenfold.

One thing which you need to know is that all these animals need special care and should be taken to a veterinary doctor every once in a while. After all, they are also a part of the family and hence cannot be neglected.

 Also, minutely observe the general habits of the pet animals around you and see if that relates to what you know about them or not.

That’s it for today. Hope you like this article. Thank you for reading!

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