Flying Animals Name

Flying Animals Name With Pictures

With so many flying creatures around us, it’s tough to know the names of all of them. Isn’t it? However, we can simplify this for you by providing you with a list of flying animal names. But before that let us discuss some basic information about these flying creatures.

Have you ever wondered how these animals fly? Each one of them has a different way of flying. While some use wings, others use their bodies to push through the air. In the next section of this article, we are going to discuss the names of some flying animals along with some basic details that you need to know.

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Flying Animals Name

Most of us have seen so many birds flying in the air. Looks beautiful right? But birds are not the only animals that fly. Besides birds, there are so many other animals that can fly effortlessly.

Moreover, all birds cannot fly. This includes Ostrich, Kiwi, Emu, and Penguin. They use some other mode of locomotion. So now we are going to explore the world of flying animals with a list of 5 flying animal names.

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  • Birds- One of the most common flying animals is the bird. But how do they fly? So, they generally take the help of their wings to move up and down which generates lift. Now, with the help of this lift, they stay in the air and fly. However, all the birds cannot fly at the same pace. Some of the fast-flying birds include eagles and hawks whereas birds like hummingbirds can fly around one spot.
  • Bats- Next category of flying animals is the Bats. Besides their wings, they also use their bodies to glide through the air. The most striking feature of Bats is their ability to fly upside down and they can easily change directions during the flight. Also, they are the only flying mammals.
  • Insects- One of the most diverse groups of flying animals is the insects. All insects do not follow the same mechanism of flying. Some of them, such as bees and butterflies, flap their wings. On the other hand, insects such as dragonflies and moths, use their bodies to push through the air. These small creatures can fly in any direction and can easily avoid predators.
  • Flying Fish- Till now we have discussed the names of flying animals which are commonly seen. Our next flying animal is a flying fish. These creatures can fly out of water. With the help of their fins, they flap their trunks to create lift which helps them to fly for a short while.
  • Flying Squirrel- Have you ever seen a flying squirrel? These are small, nocturnal creatures that can easily glide through the air. They use their large furry membrane called patagium which extends between their front and back legs. However, these creatures cannot fly like birds. They can cover large distances in a single glide.


To end this article we would like to say that there are numerous species of flying animals in the world. The most common ones are the birds. Besides birds, we have discussed the names of some other flying creatures as well which is going to help you grow a better understanding of them.

That’s it for today! We will be back with another interesting article in a short while. Till then stay tuned!

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